ANNA Cabin: A Masterpiece of Design, Adaptability, and Sustainability

images by tõnu tunnel and jorrit ‘t hoen

In the world of small house design, few structures capture the imagination quite like the ANNA Cabin. Designed by the visionary Caspar Schols, this architectural marvel redefines the concept of a cabin by seamlessly merging innovation, adaptability, and a deep appreciation for the natural environment. With its remarkable design features and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the ANNA Cabin stands as a testament to the harmonious relationship between human habitation and the great outdoors.

A Dynamic Design Inspired by Nature

At the heart of the ANNA Cabin's allure is its transformative design, which draws inspiration from the fluidity and organic beauty found in nature. The cabin features two sliding shells, one crafted from wood and the other from glass, allowing occupants to effortlessly adjust its configuration to suit their preferences and needs. This dynamic capability grants the cabin an inherent versatility that adapts to changing weather conditions and the ever-shifting moods of its inhabitants.

The ANNA Cabin offers three main shell configurations

closed, open center, and open center with a glass roof. This ingenious system empowers individuals to control the level of exposure to their surroundings, striking a delicate balance between connection with nature and the desire for a cozy, sheltered retreat. The fixed section of the cabin houses essential amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and storage space, while a mezzanine level provides a tranquil haven with a second king-sized bed.

Sustainability Woven into Every Detail

Beyond its captivating design, the ANNA Cabin embodies sustainability at its core. Crafted from sustainably-grown and untreated larch, the cabin showcases a deep respect for the environment. The use of birch ply for the interior not only exemplifies Schols' commitment to quality but also contributes to the cabin's light and airy atmosphere. To ensure optimal insulation, the cabin is equipped with 5 cm of sawdust insulation, effectively regulating internal temperatures.

The ANNA Cabin's commitment to sustainability extends to its heating and cooling solutions. A wood stove or electric heating system provides warmth during colder seasons, while strategically positioned long horizontal windows beneath the roof's overhang allow for gentle, indirect sunlight, maintaining a comfortable ambiance during the summer months. By seamlessly integrating sustainable elements into its design, the ANNA Cabin harmonizes with nature while minimizing its ecological footprint.

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