Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer customizations on Sit+Us Cabin plans?

Yes! We offer customizations for all customers who purchase a Complete package, for an additional project fee. To request a custom project quote fill this form:

Sit+Us plans are provided to you only after countless hours of research, development, and testing. In order to deliver on our promise of the perfect blend of architecture, simplicity of design, and cost, we stand behind every plan as is.

That said, the Sit+Us team is happy to work with you to make changes to any plan to better suit your needs. Our Complete Package enables you, an engineer, or architect to quickly and easily modify your Sit+Us design, though we're happy to take those projects on in house.

Minor Changes £150 - £500:

- Room layout changes (excluding kitchen & bath)

- Changing, adding, or removing less than 50% of the doors and windows

- Foundation change to either pier and beam, crawl space, slab on grade, full height basement

Moderate Changes £500 - £1000+:

- Significant door & window changes (ie. glass walls, new entry points, moving or resizing 50% or more of the windows)

- Changing roof pitch (not roof type)

- Adding decks or patios

Big Changes £1000 - £2,000+:

- Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and rearranging room location in the floor plan.

- House expansion with additional rooms lengthwise along the ridge beam.

- New Cabin Designs

Need something else? Email us and we'll discuss!

Can I work with a local designer/engineer to customize my plans?

Yes, Sit+Us Complete Package includes editable files for CAD programs, which can be modified and customized with the help of a local designer, architect, or engineer.



How much does the Sit+Us cabin cost?

We approach designing all our cabins to balance features, square footage, and cost. Nothing is truly custom in our cabins, which keeps the building cost low. All the windows and doors are available as standard catalog items from major manufacturers. The cabinetry is designed to make use of readily available catalog items from big retailers like Ikea. We designed this purposefully to enable you to achieve a beautiful, modern outcome without breaking the bank and without the headaches of ordering custom components.

We encourage our customers to plan for a construction cost of at least £1,900/sqm (the UK national average). So, a 30.9 square meter cabin will cost roughly £58,710 to build (30.9*£1,900 = £58,710). This cost assumes the use of labor, and that you’ll be working with a team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to build your cabin. While it could be less expensive than this if you put some sweat equity into the project, and do some of the work yourself, £1,900/sqm is a good benchmark to start your planning process with. Keep in mind that if you work with a more premium builder or use more premium materials this number could go up.


Here's a few other considerations:

¬† ‚ÄĒ The¬†benchmark we represent is a national average and doesn't reflect specific localized pricing.

¬†‚ÄĒ We don't¬†dynamically reflect the daily and weekly fluctuations in materials cost. For example, since¬†COVID¬†began the cost of lumber has increased as much as 60% in some localities.

¬†‚ÄĒ The¬†forecasted¬†pricing also excludes two main¬†cost¬†categories: Land and Land prep (driveway, clearing, well and septic), and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). This exclusion is traditional in all housing pricing models.

¬†‚ÄĒ The best way to understand the DIY/materials¬†cost is to buy a plan and show it to a local building supply store and request what's called a "take-off" (a free service) and they will give you an estimate of materials and costs for everything they have in inventory that will enable your build



How can I get a building permit?

Having a set of plans in hand enables you to start the conversation with your local building department and building professionals such as local architects, engineers and planning advisers to ensure your build is compliant with all local regulations. Applying for a permit is as easy as filling out a form, appending a set of plans to your submission, and indicating who will contribute to the project, i.e. general contractor, plumber, etc. You will also have to have your building plans approved by a few other parties before you start building, so make sure you’re planning for that as well.

You must consult with an experienced local engineer, architect, and planner to review the plans, the conditions where you intend to build, and all local building requirements. As every site is different, all the plans will need to be checked by local engineers, architects, and any other building professional in your local area.

What type of license do the Sit+Us cabin plans grant me?

The license supports residential implementations for use with short term rentals, normal family rentals, or for personal use to live in. However, this standard license or any other does not allow you to sell the Complete Package, Starter Package, and any drawings or renders from the Sit+Us design.



What details or drawings do Sit+Us plans include?

We deliver our plans with an incredible amount of detail to make a DIY or professional builder succeed in delivering a structurally sound, high performing, and lasting home. We provide 15 pages and contain the following drawings: floor plans, roof framing plan, building elevations(all 4 elevations), build sections, construction details(1:5 detailed breakouts).


Is the Sit+Us cabin rated for natural hazards?

Our Sit+Us Cabin design blueprints should only be taken as design guidelines and not a final construction document. This is because regulation regarding earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding risk, and other natural hazards vary greatly from location to location. You must consult with your local architect, civil engineer, and other professionals in your area to create the final construction documents following the appropriate building regulations of your site.



Where can I build a Sit+Us cabin?

You can build a Sit+Us cabin nearly anywhere on Earth! As you approach building your cabin, consult with your local building department to ensure that your build is compliant to all local zoning and code requirements. Also all drawings will need to be looked and approved by local engineer to suite your site and the conditions on your location.


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