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The Starter Package is best for people that want to have a clear idea of the Sit+Us Cabin as it includes our tiny house with floor plan drawings in a PDF file. It will let you approach builders, get quotes, and approach your building department about permits.

The Complete Package
is ideal for those that want to build a Sit+Us Cabin right away as it includes editable AutoCAD Drawings of everything in the cabin. With the Complete Package, you will be able to customize interiors, and foundations to ensure local code compliance. It will also save you money when collaborating with an engineer or architect! (It's way less expensive than redrawing all the details from scratch).

All the documents of your chosen package will be sent instantly to your email where you will be able to download them. If you have any other queries please contact us at

Yes! We offer customizations for all customers who purchase a Complete Package, for an additional project fee.

The Sit+Us team is happy to work with you to make changes to our plans to better suit your needs. Simply contact us and we will follow up with the steps to take. See below for a brief summary of modifications we can make.

Minor Changes £150 - £500:

- Room layout changes (excluding kitchen & bath)

- Changing, adding, or removing less than 50% of the doors and windows

- Foundation change to either pier and beam, crawl space, slab on grade, full height basement

Moderate Changes £500 - £1000+:

- Significant door & window changes (ie. glass walls, new entry points, moving or resizing 50% or more of the windows)

- Changing roof pitch (not roof type)

- Adding decks or patios

Big Changes £1000 - £2,000+:

- Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and rearranging room location in the floor plan.

- House expansion with additional rooms lengthwise along the ridge beam.

- New Cabin Designs

Need something else? Email us and we'll discuss:

You must consult with an experienced local engineer, architect, and planner to review the plans, the conditions where you intend to build, and all local building requirements. As every site is different, all the plans will need to be checked by local engineers, architects, and any other building professional in your local area.

Having a set of plans in hand enables you to start the conversation with your local building department and building professionals such as local architects, engineers and planning advisers to ensure your build is compliant with all local regulations. Applying for a permit is as easy as filling out a form, appending a set of plans to your submission, and indicating who will contribute to the project, i.e. general contractor, plumber, etc. You will also have to have your building plans approved by a few other parties before you start building, so make sure you’re planning for that as well.

Yes definitely! With the Starter Package you will be able to get a quote from contractors and building professionals on construction costs and any necessary changes that will need to take place. Then with this information you will be more prepared to purchase the Complete Package.

For a quick Estimated Construction Costs:

UK: £58,710 based on UK new build national average of £1,900/sqm.

USA: $79,752 based on USA new build national average of $240/sqft.

Australia: AU$80,340 based on Australian new build national average of AU$2,600/sqm.

Portugal: €19,312 based on Portugal's new build national average of €625/sqm.

(This cost assumes the use of labor, and working with a complete team of builders and trades.)

We encourage all our customers to research their local area's average cost per square meter for a new build since it can vary greatly depending on country, city, and area. The average cost per sqm should then be multiplied by Sit+Us Cabin's total gross internal area of 30.9 sqm.

Currently we do not sell a fully built Sit+Us Cabin, we are only selling pre-designed plan packages that will give you all the information you need to get you started in the process to build your cabin!

Yes! Keep scrolling down and you will be able to download the Preview Package! Just follow the instructions.

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